Neema Askari

Durchbruchsitzung bei Silvana Sprich
A healing session

Today I feel like a new man.

For the first time in a long time I can feel my inner space, its given me perspective on myself and how cluttered my insides had become.

We started off by simply talking. We spoke about traumas and important incidences during my life. I felt I could really open up to Silvana. Of course I like to talk about myself (I imagine most people do) but this felt like much more. Silvana was opening me up using words to unravel this puzzle I’d become. During this process I didn’t feel awkward or worried, much like I was talking to a caring friend.

She went on to examine me using a tool which I’m not familiar with. It looked like a wire, with a cork handle on one end and a ring of wood on the other. I imagine, much like dowsing rods, once the healer and the tool are tuned in together, the tool acts as an extension of the healers intuition. This examination determined what was causing my tension.

Once Silvana had finished the examination we moved to a comfortable room to continue the healing session. Here I lay on a very comfortable bed. She laid a blanket on me and tucked me in, I felt the presence of the divine mother.

She started with a smudge and moved onto a chakra clearing. During this unblocking I could feel how intuitive Silvana was. She explained what was happening throughout the process which not only kept me in a state of ease as the energy became highly charged, but also confirmed what I was feeling.

This chakra balancing was like no other I’ve ever had. By the end I could freely travel through my chakras again. Another dimension re-added to my reality, little did I know the best part was yet to come. This next section I was told to put one hand on my crown and the other hand with crossed fingers on my belly button. Silvana then told me to imagine all my unwanted energy leaving through my bellybutton. As I did so, the imagination morphed into something much more real, closer to a dream than an imagination. I could feel our intentions combining to create a most powerful healing energy. My eyes stayed firmly closed as I focussed my whole being on this unwanted energy leaving. Silvana confirming her connection by the way her bodies animations matched my internal feelings, it was like she was projecting outwards what I was feeling inwards, like we were sharing the same spiritual breakthroughs in that moment.

I felt like I was giving birth through my astral belly button, like a huge ball of unwanted energy that had been building up for years popped out. I could feel Silvana’s movements and breathing peak, synchronised with what I was feeling. Now things began to calm. Silvana closed me up much like a surgeon after an operation with a pure touch of healing light energy. I was already feeling very different. A real life comparison to this feeling is like stretching after a long car journey which I didn’t realise I was on.

Silvana opened me up like an old wardrobe, helped me get rid of my unwanted clutter then closed me and protected me. Now I have all this space again and the awareness to fill it with the right things. Silvana has given me a daily task to fill this space with love and light while deep breathing. Now my journey is a lot clearer, I feel lighter, less afraid, less clouded and closer to myself. This feeling is my new reference point, but with an added guarantee that if things ever get cluttered again I can go back to Silvana and she can show me the way back.

I highly recommend Silvana to anyone. She is intuitive, fun, powerful and caring. A shaman of the west.

Neema Askari

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